Recent update on Spirit airlines cancellation policy due to Coronavirus


Today the whole world is fighting the virus of COVID-19 and most of the countries have gone into complete lockdown. And along with this lockdown, travelling is also completely suspended. Hence USA based Spirit Airlines has also suspended its flights. Now there are a lot of people who had booked flights with spirits but could not fly because of the emergency lockdown. Therefore for the convenience of certain passengers, Airline has issued certain policies for flight cancellation without having to pay Spirit Airline cancellation fee. Thus to cancel your flight, you can check the below-given policies of Spirit Airlines.

Want to be updated with cancellation policies of Spirit Airlines due to Coronavirus

  • If you yourself want to cancel your flight then you have to follow the simple cancellation steps by going on my trips, entering your name and flight details and get your flight cancelled.
  • Because of the travel ban, if your flights get rescheduled then you will be notified of the changes. And you can either travel later or cancel your bookings
  • In case your flight got cancelled and you could not call off your reservation then, in that case, the airline itself will cancel your flight.

How to apply for the refund after cancelling flight?

If in case your flight got cancelled or postponed and you are worried about your Spirit flight delay compensation or refund then tap below.

  • After you cancel your flight, you don’t have to do anything. The refund will be credited automatically in the bank account of the passenger
  • Moreover, in case of flight cancelled by airline or the passenger, the refund will be transferred in your account without any cancellation charges.
  • By chance, if any charges are being deducted then that will also be refunded back.
  • If the refund arrives in the form of travel credit then you can use it later for booking flights once the travel ban is being uplifted.
  • Moreover, if you have cancelled your flight of group booking then the refund will come automatically. You don’t have to apply separately.
  • The maximum time taken by the airline to credit the refund is at least seven days.

By following the above steps, you can easily cancel your flight and apply for the refund. Moreover, if you face any doubt then contact the customer care team.

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