Recent update on Spirit airlines cancellation policy

Today the whole world is fighting the virus of COVID-19 and most of the countries have gone into complete lockdown. And along with this lockdown, travelling is also completely suspended. Hence USA-based Spirit Airlines has also suspended its flights. Now there are a lot of people who had booked flights with spirits but could not fly because of the emergency lockdown. Therefore for the convenience of certain passengers, Airline has issued certain policies for flight cancellation without having to pay Spirit Airline cancellation fee. Thus to cancel your flight, you can check the below-given policies of Spirit Airlines.

An informative guide on Spirit Airlines ticket cancelation

Suppose you have to travel to your desired destination with Spirit Airlines, and suddenly, you get a call to reach your office immediately. In such a case, rushing to the office is the only solution left behind you. Now, talking about the flight ticket, you have to cancel it at any cost. Before canceling your flight ticket, you want to know about the Spirit airlines cancellation fee, which is an obvious thing. You have to take some measures that will help you to cancel your flight. Also, you should go for the cancelation policy of Spirit Airlines to avoid the cancelation fee.

What is the cancelation policy of Spirit Airlines?

  • Passengers need to cancel their Spirit flight ticket 24 hours within the booking of their ticket. After doing so, they will receive a full refund from the airline.
  • If they fail to cancel it during this period but cancel it 24 hours within the flight’s scheduled departure, they must pay the cancelation fee. The airline will deduct the cancelation fee and provide them with their remaining amount.
  • Also, the cancelation fee is a must for non-refundable flight tickets.

Practical steps to cancel the Spirit Airlines flight ticket

  • You can start by visiting the official web portal of Spirit Airlines on your preferred web browser.
  • Surf the home page of Spirit Airlines to get the option of “My Trips.”
  • Click on it to initiate the cancelation process.
  • Once you click on it, you will get the option to log in or sign up in the Spirit Airlines account.
  • Or else, you can go to the “Find My Trip” option to enter the web page directly.
  • Under this option, provide your last name and confirmation code to move to the booking.
  • After providing these two credentials, click on the “Continue” option.
  • Now, you can see your Spirit Airlines booking that you want to cancel.
  • Click on it and look for the option of “Cancel Booking.”
  • Doing so will start the canceling process.
  • Hit the “Continue” button to end the process.
  • A new page will come up where you can click on the “Submit” option.
  • Doing so will confirm your Spirit flight ticket cancelation.

How much does Spirit cost to cancel a flight?

If you cancel the ticket 24 hours within the booking of the ticket, you do not have to pay any extra bucks. But if you cancel it after this time frame, Spirit Airlines will ask for some added amount. For online cancelation, you have to pay $90. For cancelation through the phone call, pay $100 and for any award booking, pay $110.

Want to be updated with the cancellation policies of Spirit Airlines due to Coronavirus

  • If you yourself want to cancel your flight then you have to follow the simple cancellation steps by going on my trips, entering your name and flight details, and getting your flight cancelled.
  • Because of the travel ban, if your flights get rescheduled then you will be notified of the changes. And you can either travel later or cancel your bookings
  • In case your flight got cancelled and you could not call off your reservation then, in that case, the airline itself will cancel your flight.

Get updates on Spirit cancellation policy due to death or illness

If a passenger is ill or died, it is not possible to travel at the exact date and time, and in that condition, someone can cancel his flight instantly. It is quite a tragic circumstance when a passenger has to travel on the next, but he or someone in his family dies abruptly; there are the policies required to follow and get a total amount of refund quickly. To avoid confusion, you need to go through the Spirit Cancellation Refund policy and create a hope to get a refund within a short period of time.

Some basic updates on cancellation policy due to death or illness on Spirit Airlines:

  • You can indeed get a full refund right after the flight cancellation, even for non-refundable tickets, after explaining the real cause of the issue.
  • In a study, it has been observed that when an immediate family member dies. However, a few carriers refuse to issue bereavement refunds and go through the documentation to get a refund directly.
  • If you have sent a refund request within 24 hours before a flight departure, you should not wait for a longer time as you can get a refund quickly.
  • If you are ill and cannot travel on the next day at a reasonable time, you must send a flight cancellation request as soon as possible with a medical report smoothly.
  • To cancel your flight, you don’t have to pay any cancellation charges if you have explained about illness and tragic circumstances of someone’s death in your family.


Final Words

Spirit Airlines do have effortless ways to cancel the flight ticket. The points mentioned above will make you aware of the Spirit airlines cancellation, which will help you. For any queries, contact Spirit customer service.  


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      • I cancelled by flight back in March. I was gonna use my credit towards another flight at a later date. When I tried earlier this week I was told Spirit doesn’t fly out of Jax, Florida. So at this time I would like a credit of $84.78. Conformation QH9E4N.

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