Detailed information about United airlines seat selection

During a flight, if the traveler gets the preferred seat among the window, middle or aisle, the journey becomes easier and more comfortable. If the passenger has booked a flight ticket with United airlines, the seating option can be used to choose a preferred seat. When a passenger travels with the seat of choice, the travel becomes comfortable.

United Airlines seat selection process

Along with various services and facilities of United Airlines, the passengers are offered to choose a seat for a comfortable and relaxing trip. For United seat selection, the passengers can choose the options among Check-in or Manage booking. The details about the seat selection processes are provided below:

Seat selection during check-in:

If the passenger has got a confirmed booking, the preferred seat can be chosen at the time of check-in. The process is as followed:

  • Browse the official website of United airlines.
  • In the menu options, select the Check-in option.
  • Then, enter the confirmation code and last name provided on the itinerary to access the ticket.
  • Once accessed, the passenger is asked to select a seat in the flight.
  • The passenger can select a free or paid seat as per preference.
  • The boarding pass is issued with the selected seat.

Seat selection via Manage booking:

If the passenger wants to choose a seat through Manage booking, United seat selection can be completed by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of United airlines.
  • Then, under the Reservations option, select Change or view itinerary.
  • Enter the last name and confirmation code in the given fields to retrieve the itinerary.
  • Once the ticket is accessible, the passenger can select the preferred seat in the available options.
  • Pay the seat selection fee (if applicable) and the seat will be confirmed for the flight.
  • The boarding pass is sent to the passenger in the email or as a text message.

United airlines seat upgrade process

If a passenger wishes to fly in an upgraded class, the upgrade option can be chosen. The passengers of United airlines are offered to upgrade seats and it can be done according to availability. The type of upgrades offered by the airlines are mentioned below:

  • Mileage Plus Upgrade awards
  • Complimentary upgrades
  • PlusPoints upgrades
  • Star Alliance upgrade awards
  • Instant upgrades

To complete a seat upgrade, a passenger can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the United Airlines website in the browser.
  • Click Reservations and select the option of Change or View itinerary.
  • Enter the correct info about confirmation code and last name on the ticket.
  • Once accessed, the passenger can apply for the seat upgrade, which is processed according to the seat availability in the flight.
  • The passenger needs to pay the difference amount of the classes to confirm the booking.
  • The new e-ticket is provided to the passenger via email or text message.

To get more info about the United seat upgrade, a passenger can contact the reservations center of the airline. The contact info to reach the support team is provided on the official website of United airlines.


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