What does Singapore Airlines Business Class include?

Singapore Airlines, as the name suggests is an airline of Singapore. The airline is one of the top rating airlines. There are many reasons and one of those is its new business class service. That includes a number of benefits and luxurious services.

We will give you some detailed information here so, that you can enjoy your journey too.

Singapore Airlines business class A380

  • The seats in this class are full of comfort; it reclined into a complete bed.
  • You will get a touchscreen monitor with its noise cancellation headphone
  • More than 900 entertainment options from Bollywood to Hollywood
  • Two reading light one by a seat and another by the bed
  • You can customize your meal by "book the cook meal option" and can enjoy it with champagne and wines.
  • You will be given pair of slippers, eyeshades, and toiletries.

Singapore Airlines business class A350 and 777

  • A350 and 777 offers new seating positions, the Lazy Z and sundeck, in one you can enjoy cradling position whereas in another you can enjoy your lounge position
  • You will get cushions headboard, duvet, and pillows also.
  • You are given a power supply, HDMI, USB.
  • You can book your meal up to 24 hours before flying. Dine on full table service and enjoy the wines.
  • More than 1500 plus entrainment options and a handset and LCD with noise cancellation headphone

Regional Business Class – A350 and 787

  • A reclined seat that can be converted into a full bed
  • You can watch the entire hottest blockbuster on your HD screen.
  • You can plan the main course by using BOOK THE COOK menu.

Regional Business Class - 737-800 NG

  • Seats are made with leather, you can recline them upton8 inches.
  • Plan your meal by using BOOK THE COOK menu
  • You can book your meal from 1 week to 24-hour before departure.
  • Enjoy Hollywood blockbusters, TV, Music on the tablet and headset, provided.

How do I book Singapore airlines business class tickets online?

You can do Singapore airline booking for business class either online or by connecting Singapore customer service phone number.

  • You can visit their official website
  • Click on plan travel; go to "YOUR BOOKING"
  • From there you can book your flight by filling in all the information given.

You can also contact the Singapore airline customer service phone number and book your ticket in that case

  • Visit the official website of Singapore airline
  • Go to the "contact us" option
  • Now click on "Get in touch with us"
  • There you can find out the different number for a different region, choose your region, and contact the Singapore airline customer service phone number


Official weblink: https://www.singaporeair.com

Regarding Business class travel visit: https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/us/flying-withus/cabins/business-class/


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