What is the baggage allowance for Air Canada?

While traveling by Air transport, one of the important things to consider is baggage. Similarly, when considering Air Canada as a travel companion and purchasing its flight tickets. And for traveling, if you wish to know the Air Canada baggage policy to determine its allowance, then pursue the reading underneath:-

Carry on baggage

The number of baggage you can bring on board could depend on the destinations, but you can take about this mentioned luggage.

  • You can bring one standard item of dimension 55cmx23cmx40cm with one personal item of length 33cmx16cmx43cm. This stated size includes the handles and wheels of the bag.
  • The baggage has to fit under your front seats or in the overhead bin. And the article that you can bring in the cabin is a laptop, backpack, musical instrument, camera bag, duty-free purchase bags, and cat or dog carrier, 
  • When you carry one infant in your lap, you may bring one additional bag, but the checked baggage fees could apply.
  • The rules and regulations are rigid; if you are inconsistent with that, you may be charged according to checked baggage rules

Checked baggage

When you have to take more luggage allowed in the cabin, you can deliver that to the Airline per the provision of checked baggage.

  • The maximum dimension of the piece of baggage is 62 linear inches, and the weight should not exceed 23kg.
  • You can carry up to one personal item for free, but basic economy fare and Aeroplan Standard Reward could be charged $75usd.
  • And for the second baggage, you may be charged $100, but the latitude fare charged is excluded.
  • When you have an infant or child between 0 to 11 years and occupy a seat, you could also be accompanied by the same provisions. You may also bring one stroller, a car seat, and a playpen.
  • Your fare rule and locations determine the checked baggage rule.

Military personnel

When you are an active military member of the United States or Canada, you can carry up to three checked baggage of 32 kg each. And all the checked baggage is free of cost. But this benefit is available for the flight operated by this Airline and may not be available for the codeshare or star alliance member Airlines.

Overweight, oversize, and extra baggage

When you get to carry pieces of baggage than allowed, then you could be governed by that provisions, and the details on this are mentioned beneath:-

  • When the weight of your baggage is between 23kg to 32kg, then to take that on the flight, you may get to pay $100.
  • If the dimension falls between 63 to 115 linear inches, the penalty could be $100.
  • If your luggage is overweight and oversized, you could only have to pay $100 at once.
  • But when you are taking a piece of extra baggage, you may have to submit $225. When this charge is applied, you do not get charged with overweight or oversized charges

Special baggage

A few items are categorized as special; if you take one of them, then there are also certain conditions stated by the Airline.

  • When you are traveling with sports equipment, you might have to register those 24 hours in advance prior to departure of the flight.
  • And when you get to take a musical instrument in the cabin, it should fit under the front seats or over the head bin. For this, you may notify the Airline 48 hours before the flight's departure.
  • Or else you can purchase a separate seat for it. And the dimension not exceeding 64 linear inches or a weight of 36kgs.
  • When traveling with the hunting equipment, you also register it by communicating with the Airline reservation desk 24 hours before departure.

How much luggage is allowed in Air Canada flight

When you were carrying a flight ticket from Air Canada and worried about the luggage permitted by the Airline. Then the number of luggage you can carry is displayed at the bottom according to the class.

  • Economy class: - It is one of the lowest fares provided by the Airlines. In this, you can take two pieces of baggage, but you may have to pay for everyone. The cost for the first could be $75 and the second $100.
  • Premium economy class: - under this class, you can take up to two free baggage. If you carry more, you may have to pay excess feed for that.
  • Premium rogue class: - this ticket also permits up to two free checked baggage weight 32kg each. When you have to take extra luggage, then you may have to pay $225.
  • Business class: - And the Air Canada baggage allowance in business class is two without paying any additional charges. This allowance may get vary as per the routes of your flight.

Does Air Canada allow 2 baggage?

Yes, Air Canada allows two pieces of baggage. And the free baggage or you get to pay for that could rely on the fare class and flight routes. In some situations, you may get to pay for both checked baggage, and in others, you are free to take it. And you can determine that by going through the rule of your fare, or you can communicate with Airline customer service for the details.

How many bags can I check on Air Canada International?

When you are boarding an international flight with Air Canada but don't know the number of bags you can take, relax because here you can get the information about that. And points for Air Canada baggage allowance international have been written at the bottom:-

  • You can take about one personal item with carry-on bags. But this number could vary based on your flight destinations.
  • Aside from this, you can take two checked baggage. You may be charged excess baggage fees if you take more than the allowance. 

Can I check in 2 bags with Air Canada?

Yes, you can check in with two pieces of baggage with Air Canada. But Canadian and the United States military personnel could check in with three pieces of baggage for free. And the Air Canada baggage allowance is subject to the class it could be regulated according to. So the details on that you can get by referring to the beneath:-

  • For Economy class, you get to pay around $32 for the first baggage and $53 for the second.
  • And for the premium economy, premium rogue, and business class, both baggage is free to carry. 

How much weight we can carry in international flight Air Canada?

On Air Canada, when you are taking an international flight, the terms and conditions of baggage could be regulated accordingly. And the weight that is allowed is relayed on the class you are traveling with. Furthermore, you may also have to pay Air Canada baggage charges in a few situations, and the details on that are stated underneath:-

  • Economy class: - the weight of each baggage in this class could be 23kg for each. If it is overweight, it could be between 23kg to 32 kg, but you may be charged $105.
  • Premium Economy Class: The allowed baggage's weight should not exceed 23kg each. But if it gets exceeded, the penalty could be around $105.
  • Premium Rogue Class: - in this class, the passenger, could take about 32kg of each baggage weight. You can take an additional 32kg by paying the prescribed cost.
  • Business Class: - this is one of the elite classes available in the Airline, and here also, you could take 32kgs for sanctioned bags. And the extra weight of 32kgs is the maximum you can add by submitting its prescribed cost.
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