What is the baggage allowance for Emirates Economy class? 

If you are going to take an economy class flight at Emirates, then make sure to check the emirates baggage allowance economy class before check-in. It will help you manage your baggage under the policy and save you from additional charges at check-in at the airport. The baggage allowance for the economy class is:

  • Carry-On Baggage: 1 carry-on baggage is allowed to economy class passengers. It should not weigh more than 7 kg, and the bag dimensions are 55 cm*38 cm*20 cm.
  • Checked Baggage: Maximum of 2 checked bags are allowed of 23 kg each with a 150 cm size limit. 

Can I check in 2 bags with Emirates?

Passengers can check in as many bags as they want, but they need to pay the excess baggage fee. So yes, you can check in 2 bags with Emirates. But the weight limit of each bag is 32 kg. Make sure not to exceed the weight of the bag. Well, two checked bags are allowed for economy class passengers according to Emirates baggage allowance, and you do not need to pay any additional charge for your luggage.

How much luggage can I take on Emirates?

The luggage allowance for each class is varied on Emirates. So, according to your flight class, consider the luggage allowance. The following are the baggage allowance of Emirates:

Carry-On luggage

Passengers are allowed to carry small bags on the flight. It is considered a personal item. You can bring a laptop, purse, or any luggage that can be kept under the overhead bin or the front seat. The weight and size of carry on luggage are:

  • Economy Class- 1 carry on bag can be taken on emirates of 7 kg weight and 55 cm*38 cm*20 cm dimension of the bag.
  • Business Class- 2 carry on bags can be taken by the passengers of 7 kg, a total of 14 kg, and the bag side of each bag should not exceed 55 cm*38 cm*20 cm dimension.
  • First Class- 2 bags are also allowed for first class passengers, up to 7 kgs of each bag and 55 cm*38 cm*20 cm dimension.

Checked Baggage 

The luggage transported in the cargo area and not with the passenger itself is known as checked luggage. The baggage weight differs for each class, but the luggage size should not be more than 150 cm. The checked baggage allowance on Emirates is:

  • Economy Class- Only one checked baggage is allowed for economy class passengers with up to 23 kg weight in each bag.
  • Premium Economy- Two pieces of checked baggage are allowed who are traveling premium economy class. The weight of the bags should not exceed the 23 kg weight limit.
  • Business Class- Passengers can take two bags as checked luggage of 32 kg, a total of 64 kg of weight.
  • First Class- For first class passengers, two checked bags are also allowed 32 kg of each bag.

Sports Equipment

Passengers can take their sports equipment as well while flying on the emirates. The sports equipment will be considered as the hold luggage or checked luggage. And the dimension and size of the equipment will be checked based on Emirates Checked Baggage Policy.

Overweight Baggage

If you are required to carry extra baggage on the Emirates Flight, then you need to pay the excess baggage charges at the airport, or you can add your extra baggage online through the website. The cost of Overweight baggage is 50 USD, and luggage over 70 pounds will not be accepted at Emirates. $50 per bag has to be weighed at the time of check-in if it exceeds the limit.

Carry on bags that exceed their limit of 7 kg will be counted as checked baggage and will not be allowed on the flight with the passenger. 

Excess Baggage

Passengers flying with emirates airlines can buy excess baggage allowance. It can be purchased online or can be avail by contacting the customer service team of Emirates. The cost of extra baggage allowance depends on how many bags you exceed, and Emirates will charge you accordingly. The additional baggage fees also depend upon the route of the flight and the departing and arriving destination as well. Generally, the excess baggage fees lie between $15 to $50. It can be checked online or through the help of an Emirate representative. 

The above information will help you to figure out the luggage you can take at Emirates. For any query or confusion, you can reach a representative of Emirates for help by using their customer service number. Emirates baggage allowance international is also the same as domestic flights. Passengers can also check their baggage eligibility online directly from the Emirates website on the manage my booking option. You need to enter the ticket confirmation number and the passenger’s last name. Emirates Skywards members get additional baggage allowance benefits which you can check online. 

How many kg does Emirates Airlines allow? 

Emirates Airlines allows up to 32 kg of bags. Bags exceeding the 32 kg limit cannot be checked at the airport, and passengers must ship their luggage through a third party. This applies to all the classes of Emirates flights. For economy class, the maximum weight is 23 kg per bag and for business class and first class, the maximum baggage weight is 32 kg. 

How many bags does Emirates allow for students? 

Emirates allow one extra baggage for students. Students can also get 10 kg more weight on the standard Emirates baggage weight allowance. If a student is flying in economy class, they can take three checked baggage at the airport. It is valid on any each class of Emirates flight. For business class flights, three bags of 32 kg each will be entitled to carry.

Do students get an extra baggage allowance?

Yes, students carrying their student ID proof can get an extra baggage allowance on Emirates Airlines. Students who had booked flight tickets seven days in advance can get the benefit of Emirates baggage allowance students. This offer is available for full-time students only aged between 16 to 31 years. If someone fails to verify as a student at the time of check-in, an excess baggage fee will be charged to the person. To avoid this, carry a valid student ID proof at Emirates.

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