What is the baggage allowance for Gulf Air?

Gulf Air is a Bahrain-based airline that is known for its baggage allowances around the world. The allowance might vary on the ticket price, arrival destination, and the Falconflyer membership. To learn more about the Gulf Air baggage allowance, you can read the airline's policy, and if you face any problem, contact customer service. Below are mentioned some of the points from the policy of the airline regarding baggage:

  • Pieces of baggage that are irregular in shape, blanket-wrapped, or with any loose or long stripes are not allowed to be carried on Gulf Air. Any baggage with a dimension limit between 158 cm and 215 cm will be counted as oversized baggage, and the passenger has to pay the extra baggage fee.

  • Items like briefcases, boxes, suitcases, etc., can be carried on the plane as long as they are within the dimension limit. The wrapping facilities at the airport provide a plastic wrap in which you can wrap these items.
  • If the baggage is weighted more than 23 kg, then it should have a heavy tag mentioning the current weight of the bag.
  • No baggage weighing over 32 kg can be carried on the airline.
  • If the passenger has to travel with medical equipment, they must inform the airline at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure and provide the required documents and proof.
  • Every sport, music, special equipment like a bicycle, violin, Archery, Golf bag, Ski equipment, or any item that exceeds the airline's dimension limit will be considered a special item, and the passenger must pay special baggage charges to carry it.

How many hand carry is allowed in Gulf Air?

As per the Gulf Air baggage rules, every passenger can only carry one hand baggage that should be small enough to fit under the seat in front of them. The baggage should be at most (43 cm* 38 cm* 30 cm) in dimension and 9 kg in weight. If the baggage exceeds the given dimension or weight limit, it will be counted as checked baggage, and the passenger might have to pay extra charges.

What is the baggage allowance for 2PC Gulf Air?

The baggage allowance of 2pc on the airline is 32 kg each. The Falcon Gold and the Economy class provide Gulf Air baggage allowance 2pc and many additional benefits. If the passenger has booked a two-pc Business flight ticket, the total weight of baggage should be at most 32 kg each, and for the Economy class 2 pc flight ticket, the final weight of the baggage should be at most 23 kg.

Do students get extra baggage allowance in Gulf Air?

If you are a University student traveling with Gulf Air, you can avail of a student offer in which you get one complimentary piece of baggage. The Gulf Air baggage allowance for students depends upon the destination and the ticket class they have purchased. To get more details on this offer, go through the following points:

  • Any student traveling from or to Bahrain in an Economy class is entitled to one free additional checked baggage that should not exceed 23 kg.

  • Students who travel to or from any other location except Bahrain are entitled to one free additional baggage with a weight limit of 9 Kg.
  • One free additional check-in baggage with a maximum of 23 kg is allowed for passengers who have booked a Falcon Gold ticket.
  • The baggage check-in and ticket baggage allowance are free for University students.
  • The total weight should not exceed 32 kg, whether your ticket allows 1 or 2 pieces.
  • Two pieces of free student baggage are allowed depending on the baggage allowance.

 Requirements to avail of this offer:

  • This offer is only valid for full-time students with a valid ID card from their University or school.

  • If any student fails to provide valid student documents, they might be unable to avail of this offer and have to pay extra charges at departure.
  • The student must have been admitted to a Higher education institution and must provide a student Visa, university acceptance letter, or Student ID at the airport check-in counter.

What is the 2pc baggage allowance in Gulf Air business class?

The Pc in baggage allowance means the number of checked baggage passengers can carry on Gulf Air. If your Business class ticket is marked with 2 PCs, you can carry two pieces of checked baggage for free. To learn more about Gulf Air baggage allowance Business class, you can read the airline policy from the given points, and if you have any questions, then speak to a live executive:

  • One piece of hand baggage (55 cm * 40 cm * 30 cm) weighing 9 kg, one garment carrier, or one briefcase.
  • The passenger can take two checked baggage with a dimension limit of 215 cm and a weight limit of 32 kg each.
  • The passenger must pay an extra fee to carry additional checked baggage.
  • If the baggage exceeds the weight or dimension limit, then extra charges will be applied, and no passenger is allowed to carry a weight of more than 218 cm and 32 kg.

What is the weight limit for Economy baggage on Gulf Air?

Suppose you are considering booking an Economy ticket on Gulf Air and want to know about their baggage allowance. In that case, the airline allows two types of baggage with different weight limitations. Read the information below to learn about the Economy baggage allowance of the airline:

  • The passengers are allowed one free carry-on bag that should fit under the front seat or overhead compartment with a maximum weight limit of 9 Kg.

  • Two checked-in baggage with a limit of 158 cm and 23 Kg each are allowed for every passenger.
  • The passenger can buy additional checked-in baggage by paying some extra charges.
  • A passenger's maximum baggage limit is 218 cm and 32 kg. No piece of baggage is allowed with more than the mentioned limit.

Read the Gulf Air baggage policy or the official website for additional information. For any queries or issues, customer service can help you and provide an effective solution.

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