What Is The Cheapest Time To Go To Israel?

The cheapest month to go to Israel is in the winter. From November to March or April, you will find the best deal and affordable prices to accommodate in Israel. And, prices can go even down when you avoid Jewish holidays. You will be able to tackle the high prices during the winter seasons, as fewer people choose to visit Israel during winter. The prices of attractions, hotels, food, and other tourist places face a downfall.

Suppose you are wondering the ways to find the cheapest deal to visit Israel, including the cheapest time to visit Israel. Then you should refer to the tips below to get the best and the cheap deals to go to Israel.

Tips to get a cheap deal to Israel

  • Compare the prices of different airlines - Always make sure that you are comparing the prices of different airlines that fly to Israel because if you are not, there are high chances you will fall for the expensive deal. So, always check, compare and then purchase your flight ticket.
  • Book the flight for red hours - If you want to avoid the high prices, it is best to travel when no one does. When there is less crowd, the prices automatically go downhill. Red hours are coined for the hours of dusk or dawn. You are sure to get the cheapest and the best deal.
  • Book the flight during the holiday season - You are to stay updated with the offers during the holiday season. The prices are discounted during the holiday season as it is the time of the festival. Make your booking and travel to Israel.

What is the best month to go to Israel?

The finest month to visit Israel is May or September, making these months the best time to visit Israel. The month has spring and fall weather. In these months, you can easily experience the beauty of Israel without any hindrance. The weather is warm during these months, so you should pack accordingly. Also, these months are perfect for sightseeing.

You can go and visit a lot of places when you travel to Israel when you visit in either spring or fall. Some of the beautiful tourist attractions places are written below for you to save time and quickly pack your bags and not hesitate anymore.

Places to visit in Israel

  • The Dead Sea - You can go visit the lowest place on Earth. The Dead Sea is a sight that looks pure. Its saline blue water reflects the beauty of nature, and you are to observe this all from afar. You will be able to witness a horizon where the bright sunlight would meet the blue saline creating heaven for you. So, you are advised to feel it on your own.
  • Jerusalem - Jerusalem is the biggest city to travel to in Israel. It is known as “The City of Gold.” The golden tombs, houses, and streets of Jerusalem are already beautiful enough for tourists, and you are sure to enjoy yourself in the land of Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Hula Valley - Hula Valley is on the north side of Israel, and it is away from the general opinion of the people of Israel. It is a different side of Israel, where you will see the various immigrant birds coming and get to have fun with them. Many people only consider Israel covered with sand, but Israel will surely surprise you when you visit there.

What is the rainy season in Israel?

The rainy season follows along with the winter season in Israel. When you visit Israel in January, you are sure to encounter heavy rainfall, making the weather a lot cold and chilly. So, if you are traveling during December or January it is the best time to visit Israel if you are a fan of chilly weather and prepare accordingly.

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