Ethiopian Baggage Allowance

Whenever you are planning your trip, you want everything to be perfect. While preparing for it, you gather everything you might be in need of in between the journey. You try not to pack a lot of things with you but end up carrying the whole house with you. But you cannot bring all the things with you. You have to make a choice while packing your bags as Ethiopian Airlines does not allow you to carry everything with you. For that, you need to know Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy as it will help you to pack your bags, keeping in mind that the Airlines will not let you go with a lot of things and the baggage is limited. You have to think and keep the weightage of bags as allowed. Make sure you only carry the necessary stuff with you on a flight and take the essential things only on the flight. 

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy:

Remember the points given below while you are going on a flight:

  • You cannot carry more than 23 kg of baggage.
  • Bags should be the way they have instructed.
  • Bags should be tagged with your name, flight number, and destination. And the tags should be inside and outside the luggage.

What is the hand luggage allowance for Ethiopian Airlines?

The luggage will be taken by Ethiopian Airlines for transportation, and you will be left behind with your handbag or hand luggage, which will contain the things you might need during the flight. Before you go further with your hand luggage, have a look at Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance so you carry only selected things in a bag and take that bag with you to the flight, So that you will not require your luggage again and again. But the Ethiopian also limits the weightage of this hand luggage:

  • For Business Class - Two bags with a weightage of 7 kg each will be allowed free of cost on the flight.
  • For Economy Class - one bag with a weight of 7 kg is allowed free of cost.
  • Make sure that your hand luggage fits into the overhead rack or under your seat so that it does not need to be placed here and there on the flight.
  • If your hand luggage exceeds the weightage given above, then you have to pay for it.

Items that are permitted to be on the flight as hand luggage are listed below:

Some commodities cannot go with your baggage, but they are necessary for you and need to be with you on the flight. The things that you can have on the flight as your hand luggage are listed below:

  • A laptop. Baby carrying basket and a blanket.
  • A hand purse that should not be used to transport your things. It should be just a light weighted handbag. You can also have a pocket purse.
  • You can also have books to read during the flight.
  • You can bring a Camera and binoculars.
  • As infants, food is not something you can have on a flight from the Airline. Infants consume different types of food. So, you are allowed to bring food for infants

How many bags am I allowed on Ethiopian Airlines?

As we have discussed above, the Airlines will not allow you to have an unlimited weight of bags. When you book your ticket, the transportation of a certain amount of baggage alliances is added to it. And it depends on which class and destination you are traveling to.

  • For business class, three bags containing weightage of 23 kg are permitted free of cost.
  • For the economy class, two bags with 23 kg of weightage are allowed without any charges.
  • The weightage of the bags is different for each flight as it also depends on the destination and class. You can have a look at their Free Baggage Allowance chart available at the official website of Ethiopian Airlines.
  • Irregularly shaped baggage, poorly wrapped or tied with ropes and wire, will be rejected at check-in time. 
  • Any luggage that will do any harm to the other bags will not be accepted on the flight. Or they need to be adequately packed.
  • The sum of the three dimensions of the bag must not exceed 62 inches. 

How much is an extra 23kg bag from Ethiopian Airlines?

For each extra baggage that will be added on 23kg, the 225$ charges will be taken. These charges are different for each flight and depend on the class and destination. You can check the extra baggage charges for each flight at the official website of Ethiopian Airlines.

What is the baggage allowance for an infant on Ethiopian airlines?

Infants do not carry weight themselves, but they need a lot of things for themselves that are required to be carried on flight. In that case, we need to know Ethiopian Airlines' baggage allowance for infants. Infants, as we know, do not need a seat, so they carry 10 kgs of baggage for free, And other things that concern an infant, such as a baby pushchair.

How much do they charge for extra baggage for Ethiopian Airlines?

All the Airlines forward the guidelines to all their passengers about the luggage they can carry and what the things that are allowed on the flight and those that are not. However, if you will be informed about the Ethiopian Airlines baggage fee, you will get prepared for it and pack your bags by taking care of the guidelines. If you are carrying a piece of luggage of more than 23 kg, then you have to pay extra charges from $200 to $250. 

Knowing the guidelines of baggage allowance and what is the policy that your Airline sustains for the baggage is important So that you do not face any issues at the last minute. All the information has been given above. Enlighten yourself about everything related to the luggage. Keep the weight, size of the bag, limited baggage allowance, hand luggage, and the charges that will be taken from you if you carry extra baggage. For more information, contact the customer service of Ethiopian Airlines.

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