When can I check-in for Saudi Airlines?

Gain exclusive details to check-in for Saudi Airlines

Saudi Airlines is widely famous for bestowing you decently a complete flight booking service on its official booking portal. It is essential to go for the check-in process before boarding your flight and make your flight journey perfect every time. Saudi Airlines allows you to go for the check-in process at the airport, where you can go directly to the security and start the check-in process with your bags and within 24 hours to 3 hours on domestic flights smoothly. If you have booked a flight ticket and wish to go through the Saudi Airlines check-in process, you must clear your doubts about the check-in policy. It would be necessary to effortlessly go through the proper check-in methods at a specific time.

Let's discuss the check-in policy on Saudi Airlines:

If you wish to go for the check-in process via online or offline mode, you need to know the check-in policy will provide you with genuine advice and help at the right time. If you wish to experience detailed guidance on the check-in policy, you need to go through the essential points below.

  • When you are not checking any bags, you must go directly to security when you arrive at the airport and find it simple to find a boarding pass.
  • You can go for the early check-in at the Kiosk when you drop off checked bags and go to the security checkpoint faster than you hadn't used early check-in.
  • If you are going for the check-in process online/web check-in for Saudi flights, you need to check the timing between 24 hours and two hours before departure for all domestic flights.
  • If you have an international flight ticket and wish to check-in, you can start this process within 48 hours to 3 hours and complete the check-in task smoothly.

The process to check-in on Saudi Airlines:

If you are willing to start the check-in process using different ways, you need to go through the genuine facts and steps provided by the expert team.

Saudi airlines web check-in online:

When you select online check-in, you can save your time at the airport and bypass the lines. In the Saudi Airlines web check-in online, you can skip waiting in the line to check-in and skip waiting in a second line for baggage check-in and get the boarding pass, and after security, you can make your flight journey more successful normally. Let's know the process of it.

  • First, visit the Saudi Airlines official website and log in to your account and go to the check-in tab showing on the booking.
  • Enter the PNR number/booking reference number and enter the passenger's last name into the required field.
  • Select the passenger seat and add and remove the seat using the seat map and check the baggage you want to add.
  • Get the boarding pass to print online, or you can save it on your mobile or email at the end of the task.   

Airport check-in:

When you need to check-in at the airport, you must be there within 3 hours of the scheduled departure time. It is necessary to know the Saudi Airlines check-in time at the airport. The check-in can be closed within 1 hour before departure time, and departure time will be closed within 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Mobile check-in:

It is pretty simple to start using the Saudi Airlines check-in application on your mobile device. Mobile check-in is available for all domestic and international flights except USA flights. It assists you in getting a boarding pass that you can save on your mobile phone smoothly.

Saudi Airlines check-in baggage:

If you are traveling with Saudi Airlines, you can carry only one baggage of 23 kg in the Economy and carry only two pieces of baggage of 30 kg in business class. When you add some excess baggage to your booking classes, you must pay the charges accordingly. It would help if you hurried for the Saudi Airlines check-in baggage. The check-in counter and baggage acceptances will be closed within 1 hour before departure time for all domestic and international flights.

If you wish to get further information related to Saudi Airlines check-in process and its policy, contact the best customer representative team that is available to assist you at your required time instantly.   

Official weblink: https://www.saudia.com

Regarding web check-in, visit: https://www.saudia.com/travel-with-saudia/manage/web-check-in

Check-in baggage visit: https://www.saudia.com/before-flying/baggage/baggage-allowances

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